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Rant: Kira Takenouchi

Note: This is a reposting of the post, due to the first one being suspended. There is no new information here and no material infringing on copyrights. Comments coming soon. For future comments on here, PLEASE do not post Kira's work on here, as it will just result in the post being suspended again.

I'm not sure how many of you are aware of Kira/Yaoi House, but I need to rant about it. There is a thread talking about her and her company but since the people there are trying to END the discussion and move on (even if other people keep posting), I figured it would be better to post it here.

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*sigh* okay I'm done now.

Refund update, check under lj-cut

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Donation Drive

Due to recent circumstances, I am forced to come to you, my lovely LJ buddy people, asking for your help. I have been having troubles getting decent hours of sleep, having time to sleep, or getting sleep in general. As such, I am asking people to donate their unused hours of sleep to the 'Rainy needs sleep' fund. With each donation, I will be able to call upon hours of your sleep at a moments notice and continue with my day without a body count. Here's a conversion chart for international donations.
1 hr US = 1.09 hour CND
1 hr Australia = .85 hour CND
1 hr Asia (anywhere) = .76 hour CND

If you need more conversions, ask and I will provide.
In the ever on-going debate on the issue of scanlation, I have seen that those who are against the practise claim “why don't people just learn to read Japanese? If they learn how to read it, then they won't need scanlations and will be able to read even more manga”. There are two problems with this statement, especially if they believe that will solve the problem all together.
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Got tagged by yami_firekali but it was fun enough to do. Look at the awesome people I share a birthday with!!

Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday (month and day). Then you write down 3 events, 3 births, 3 deaths, 3 holidays, and tag 3 friends.

3 Events
1858 – First news dispatch by telegraph.
1970 – The then new feminist movement, led by Betty Friedan, leads a nation-wide Women's Strike for Equality
1971 – The United States Congress declares August 26th as an annual Women's Equality Day.

3 Births
1910 – Mother Teresa, Nobel Peace Prize winning Christian missionary (d. 1997) <- I DIDN'T KNOW THIS!!
1940 – Don LaFontaine, American voice actor (d. 2008) <- *feels awesome*
1980 – Chris Pine, American actor <- FOR THE WIN!!!

3 Deaths
1850 – Louis-Philippe of France (b. 1773)
1980 – Tex Avery, American cartoonist (b. 1908)
1992 – Bob de Moor, Belgian comics artist (b. 1925)

3 Holidays
United States – Women's Equality Day
Namibia – Heroes' Day
Philippines – National Heroes' Day
Alright so I thought I'd post a bit of a 09 review and post what my plans are for 2010.

- Graduated University!! HOORAY!! 5 years and I got a degree in General Studies. Doesn't get me much but I did it. Might go back & do my Masters in Japanese Popular Culture (something to do with gender & shoujo manga??) but I'm not in any rush to go back. Plus don't know what I'd use it for. Maybe later I'll find out and can make a decision on that, but for now, I'm done.

- Nut house of Hell & Stupidity: Yup, I'm still there but they'll be closing down on Thursday for a small break (late Feb - early March). The only good thing I can say about this job is that I had a job after graduating. I have tried to get another job but none of them called me back. Got only one reply back and it was from TD Canada Trust to say that that the position was filled & to thank me for my interest. Thats it *sigh* But by the time they reopen, I will have another job so I'm not going back to them. They don't know about that side project but I'll let them know I won't be going back once I get something solid. More info in the next points about this.

- Teaching ESL in Japan: Not happening. Missed the application date cause I fucked around about getting my passport. So when I got my passport I didn't have enough time to get the rest of the stuff together and sent off to apply for JET.

- Teaching ESL in Korea: This is a go!! Yes, this is kinda out of left field but it is a good #2 plan for me. When I knew I wasn't going to make it for JET, I looked at teaching in other countries and decided to go to South Korea. Pay is as good in Japan but the cost of living is a lot less, so I can save more money. Applied with a company called Footprint Recruiting, a company (based in Vancouver) that recruits ESL teachers for schools over the world. Sent them a resume and just did a phone interview with them today (OMG!! Soooo nervous about that). I'll hear back from them about the results. If all is good, I should get a placement coordinator and from there, find me a job :D When I was looking around for trustworthy recruiters, their name popped up on the list. And having them be close to me is nice because then I don't have to worry about time differences (eg: PST to EST) and support a local company. I told them I was looking to go sometime in Feb so its coming up quick. I'm nervous about the whole thing because its something new and somewhere farrr away, but I'm looking forward to being able to do it.

- Christmas was good and quiet this year. Brother came down and ended up only being here for a week before getting called back up. I cried when he left because I won't see him again before I plan to leave :( Got two dressers from my parents for Christmas. Actually got them early but that was because I was living out of boxes at that point ^^; Its nice to have them but I still have to move my stuff into them lol. Got a nice Futureshop card and most of that went to Slayers Season 1-3 boxset :D

- Went to the drive in theatre with my girlfriend Sarah to see GI Joe Cobra & Star Trek for our birthdays since we're born around the same time in August and I couldn't go to the mass birthday party. Had a blast getting there and the ride home... Well, it wasn't fun at the time but it adds to everything. Good story to tell :D

So I'm not going to do resolutions for 2010 since those don't seem to happen. Rather I'll do a list of goal for the new year

* Go to South Korea (or somewhere else) and teach ESL
* Work on my cooking skills
* Be more social with people & try to go out more
* Find a new job that's not a nut house!! More important if goal 1 with Footprints doesn't happen
* Support more independent manga companies. Plus buy online comics when they come out in book form like Starfighter.
* Watch and/buy more independent films
* If not teaching ESL, go see a con. Either AE, Supernatural, or Stargate. All three will be happening in Vancouver this year.
* Work on my character on WOW. Yes I've joined the evil thing but I've been keeping that under control. Its not interfering with work, sleep, or me going out and doing stuff.
* Lose some weight. Or at least get boobs to go down in size from a G cup *cries*

Alright I think thats a good list of reasonable goals. No "get a boyfriend" since that hasn't worked out and just leave me feeling depressed about not having one. It kinda falls under the "be more social" camp but not making its own goal. Even if I really want one.

Hope you all had an awesome Christmas/Winter Holidays, have a safe New Years, and looking forward to 2010!!!


PS: typed it up in wordpad before putting into the posting page. Only one error!! FTW!! *proud*

Perspective on MangaHelpers

Alright so recently a document leaked out and has later been confirmed by a scanlation group called MangaHelpers (MH) is looking to become a legitimate business (similar to CrunchyRoll) and are interested in partnering up with Viz.

Now I can see why they want to do this. Digital manga distribution is an under-developed business model that with the e-readers and e-reading applications can allow people to read manga without having to have the physical book. Much like having digital books/magazines, people can transport various titles easier. Digital distribution also allows for a much quicker release time of new chapters between Japan and North America. Another bonus to this is that its eco-friendly. A few companies over here are already doing digital manga distribution, but it's still needs to be developed and expanded. I would love to see more manga available in this format and a development of this business model.

However, I don't agree with how they're doing it.

First of all, the larger manga distribution companies (Viz, TokyoPop, etc) don't need a scanlation group like MH to distribute their work. They're large enough to come up with their own and put that into work. If they have to work with a North American company, I would rather see MH work with a smaller company (Vertical, Udon, Yen Press, etc). This could be an advantage for those smaller companies over the larger ones and draw in more readers. Another problem I see with working for a larger company is that they're only distribute "popular" titles, just doubling the problem that's already in the market. One of the reasons why I like fan scanlations is because I get a chance to read work that would otherwise not make it to North American shores. I read a lot of titles that won't get picked up because of the current business model concerning manga licenses. At least with smaller companies, there would be a smaller risk if they release a title online that's unpopular compared to in book formate.

But does a community as large as MH really need to pair itself up with a North American distribution company? Long-serving scanlation communities & groups have members who possess the skills to edit, translate, and create high quality work for FREE. I'd rather see MH work directly with Japanese companies and publishers to release manga digitally. Then, not-quite as popular titles can be released in English and older titles have a better chance at being picked up and release, both categories are seen as "risker" choices by distribution companies in North America. This way, more mangaka can get their foot in the door to the North American market, and for the "not-quite as popular" titles can serve as test runs. If one title does particularly well in a digital format, it may push North American distribution companies to pick up other titles the mangaka produces as its been shown that their work will do well in our market.

There are still problems with the digital distribution which will have to be solved/dealt with, such as the illegal distribution of these digital copies. It is a problem with the paperback versions as well as people scan the books and distribute them online. While I have no problem downloading a fan scanlation of a series thats been licensed (as I do buy them when they're later released), I do have problems with downloading a scanned manga by company XYTR. Another problem would be money: how much to charge people to download, how much to pay people to edit, translate and put together a high quality product, and how much should the mangaka get. Thirdly, what if the publisher has to pull the license for some reason, how do you stop people from distributing the files after the fact. In some ways this is similar to the first problem, but this is also its own problem.

I'm not saying that digital distribution will solve all the problems in the current manga market, is the best model to use and won't create its own problems, however, I do see this to be a viable business model and should be put into use. By having more companies use it, there will be more discussion about how to solve and/or deal with these problems.

The End

Alright, time to make this quick folks.

I received a refund from Kira for my pre-order.

The End.

RE: Rant: Kira Takenouchi

If anyone has tried to access my posting "Rant: Kira Takenouchi" in the last couple of hours, it has been suspended by Livejournal Abuse Team for violating copyright. As annoying as it is, its only my words coming back to bite me in the ass ^^; I sent a response back to see if I can get this lifted.

Edit: Unless I send a counter-notification (which means traveling to the US to go to court and what not- not happening), the post cannot be unsuspended. So I've re-posted the rant *see above* with a small note on the top about future comments. Thank you to the LJ Abuse Team for being helpful and answering my questions. No hate for you guys!!

The end of Kira T

So I was trying to figure out what I should do with the two trash books I got all these years ago. And then it came to me!!

Photobucket =======> Photobucket

Normally I don't support this kind of action but I just couldn't look at them anymore. At last!! They have served a purpose!!